Marry the Absolute. Review on real Tantric Practice. #2

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Once, even last year, our yoga teacher said at a lesson: “The main thing is to marry the Absolute!” This phrase seemed to me mysterious, incomprehensible and abstract. What exactly this “absolute marriage” meant, I could not imagine, and what needs to be done for this, too. Then, however, she explained that we are talking about building relationships with the highest spiritual principle, finding harmony, and then the Absolute will be able to manifest itself in our life through a specific person.

And so, today my marriage (in translation into Sanskrit – “yoga”) with the Absolute took place …

By His grace, He came through a person whom I admire immensely, whom I love, and from whom I am trying to learn. Of course, when I first got to know him, poetic love did not pass me by either, but it quickly turned into something different, stronger, more important and permanent. Well, in general, I think, our Yoga School is as a family, girls are in love with “dad”, and boys – with “mom”, but both of them love both.

As I already wrote, from the very beginning of the tantric practice, it is closely intertwined with dreams, and in a strange way dreams are translated into reality. Several times, including before the very first yoga class with partner, when I did not know what it was and doubted whether to go there, I dreamed of one of the students and a violation of yoga of studying. In reality, there were no violations, but there were interesting projections, and feelings from dreams were mixed with feelings in reality, and tantric practice intensified this, or simply exposed.

This week I dreamed of the Teacher three times. One dream was something like a yoga of union, but it cannot be called an erotic dream, since it was more like initiation and dedication, a ritual. A stove with an open door was burning in the room, and I went up to throw firewood there. And after the sexual union, fireworks began outside the window, and I remembered that it turns out that this is New Year’s Eve. It seems that later I went somewhere that night all alone …

Amazingly, the practice of this evening turned out to be like a projection of a dream! Let it not be a stove, but a fire turned out to be in the hall (which is unusual in itself), and when I went out to assist in the practice, I could not even imagine that there would be our seven-step ritual next (Sapta Padi), followed by practice with imitation of the yoga of sexual union!

The Universe always sends us more than we are able to wish …

The Absolute had deep, shining eyes, looking into which, I forgot about myself, and my thoughts stopped … I felt his hands as my own, but from the outside … (Jung has such concepts as “Anima” and “Animus” – I think, close to what is called “inner man” for a woman, and “inner woman” for a man in “108 Aphorisms of Tantra Yoga”. Here, something from this area …)

After marriage, I was a spectator of the divine games of the Universe, shuffling us like a deck of cards: king, queen, jack … Kings and queens joined, floor to floor, half to half, becoming one, then the cards were laid out again in a different combination … In childhood and early when we were young, my friends and I loved to guess on the cards! I still remember that Nine means love … And in the yoga of Falling in love, it is said about 9 minutes of pure time spent in this state, necessary to achieve the highest spiritual state… In Sanskrit, the words “Deva” (god) and “Devi” (goddess) in a strange way seem close to Nine …

Then, having united with the King into a single whole, I myself became a Lady, and perhaps we predicted the fate of someone … I felt the native body of my Only Husband – there was neither eroticism, nor ecstasy, but there was something difficult to express, and if I would select close words and images, then I would need to say: admiration, reverence, gratitude, blessing, pacification … Probably, if people make love in this state, it looks like worship, meditation, and I don’t even know what else … Maybe high art, to the symphony of the universe?

Visualizing the connection of our channels, I imagined fountains of radiant light on both sides, scattering into the Universe, and reaching couples who want to have children. One couple was represented specifically, the rest – in general.

Clinging to the divine hands, of course, I asked for Falling in Love and Love, there were simply no other thoughts and desires: My beloved, come into my life in a human body, let me hear You and speak with You, make my life serve You and glorify You …

Heartbeats swept through the body from the very base to the throat, and were ready to tear out of their eyes with tears of gratitude and – Lord, some kind of endless inexpressibility that still needs to be somehow expressed, otherwise you will just go crazy with happiness that goes beyond your usual life, your usual body, your usual feelings!

But this was not the end and not the end! There is also greater happiness, which suddenly spilled over the hall with a wonderful mantra. I wanted to completely absorb this sound and this voice, completely dissolve in it, listen to it, be it, vibrate with it on the same wavelength … Waves of delight overwhelmed and spread over all groups of bodies … Probably, if I were left alone, I would burst into tears , like a child.

The practice ended, and in the process of silent gatherings, we hugged one Shakti, both barely holding back tears, or already not holding back …

At the entrance to the metro, I noticed two posters: “You are in space – this is real” and “Wedding dresses” (or flowers? – in general, the picture was both). Trying to preserve this feeling for a longer time, I plunged into myself and began to listen to the inner rhythm, the inner melody, from which the poem dedicated to the wedding with the Absolute was formed.

Om Bhur Buah SVAha! You are in space, and space is in you, and all this is real!

And even at the beginning of practice, when creating a triple protective sphere, I thought that the sequence of colors white-blue-red in it is the same as that of the flag of Russia … Probably, we need to raise more of these three-color spheres so that they would notice us and want to come to us for help…

With great gratitude to all Teachers, all Husbands and Wives, Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens of this practice! For the benefit of all living beings!


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